Van Halen Army is a group of experienced musicians with a passion for playing and performing the golden age of
Van Halen - playing all the hits from 1978-1984. Don't miss Van Halen Army with Joe, Ricky, Matt, and Terry!

Joe - Guitar / Vocals
A founding member of Van Halen Army, Joe has played in a variety of rock bands in the past and later perfomed in KISS and Ozzy Tribute bands. Now Joe enjoys playing music from his favorite band and all time favorite guitarist Mr. Edward Van Halen. Joe also enjoys building guitars and painting them like Van Halen's, to use for Van Halen Army. Joe has spent years and years researching Eddie's tone,  guitar style and equipment, reproducing some of the best music ever recorded...
Ricky - Lead Vocals
Ricky has been singing the vocal stylings of David Lee Roth since 1998 and is a founding member of the East coast Van Halen tribute band Unchained. Ricky was also a member of the West coast Van Halen tribute band Atomic Punks and has played venues all across the U.S.A.

Matt - Bass / Vocals
As a musician Matt has enjoyed the stage for nearly 18 years, having played bass in numerous cover acts ranging from classic rock to heavy metal. In 2010 he was approached by Van Halen Army to take on the role of Michael Anthony, who he credits as one of his early influences. Matt also plays bass and sings in Crash Truck, a progressive rock band based in the Twin Cities.

Terry - Drums / Vocals
Terry is hard hitting and a total natural to Alex Van Halen's drumming style, having spent years studying Alex's style and sound. Terry has been playing live since he was 14. He also had his drum set custom made to reproduce the sound of Alex Van Halen's drums...Terry is also a founding member of Van Halen Army!

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